Some E-ingredients may puzzle you when you stand in a grocery store scrutinizing ingredients on product labels. It is too time-consuming to check whether they are animal-friendly or not by googling for a trusted source every time, while relevant applications can be annoying due to unnecessary functionality and advertising. To counter that, we have devised a Telegram bot, which clarifies an E-ingredient’s origin. Say, it is Е121:

Our Bot is still a baby and it is not super smart, but nevertheless, it exists. A query can be made in any format – with the letter Е or only with a number, additive’s designation in Russian or in English.
The database is pretty extensive: it contains diverse information from many sources which we are gradually sorting through.

To be done: teach the Bot how to answer queries on where one can buy a vegan meal anywhere in the world as well as to give other handy pieces of advice.

To subscribe, find @veganhelperbot in Telegram.