Маркет «Всё живое»

«I Am Alive» is Perm’s big restaurant day and a great eco market with tons of healthy delicious food, extraordinary eco-friendly products, music and dancing, lectures, workshops, and a cozy kids zone!
Here is how we hung out at «I Am Alive» in 2015:

Now, what is «I Am Alive» exactly?
Vegan cafés, restaurants and shops from all over the city unite on one single venue to share their best recipes and give some fascinating cooking workshops. We invite well-experienced speakers – our guests are free to ask them any question!
In addition, everyone interested can buy natural cosmetics, non-toxic household chemicals, cookbooks, accessories, home decorations, eco-friendly toys and souvenirs during the event. We hope it’s a nice way to demonstrate how beautiful and exciting healthy lifestyle can be.

«I Am Alive» has for the first time taken place on November 21st, 2015 as a concluding event of Perm’s International Vegan Month.

Here is a program from November 26-27, 2016 market

«I Am Alive» – 2016:

Follow the link to VK page of the market here.