You probably have a couple of technical devices that have a minor fault and a rather vague future. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are in dire need of these devices. In this story we positioned ourselves as an intermediary. We spoke with organizations that help people in difficult life situations (Family Territory, Dedmorozim, Social Adaptation Center, Perm Regional Non-commercial Organization ‘Vybor’ (Choice)). They confirmed that telephones and laptops would make a big difference for their clients. Besides, we know a lot of solid non-commercial initiatives and volunteers who would be so much more efficient in their efforts if necessary technical aids were available.

Currently we are accepting telephones and laptops that people no longer need, fix them and give out to those whom they help. If the degree of repair is serious, we pay with our own money or other devices of the kind. Initiative groups and volunteers can make a request, should they need these aids.

Simple push-button cell phones are an invaluable item for just-released prisoners. The point is that upon discharge, each of them is provided with a very limited amount of state money, calculated to be just enough for the home trip. Most of the time they spend some of this money once they can buy a telephone. They are terrified to stay disconnected from their family during their first hours of freedom, in an unfamiliar city after 5-15 years of imprisonment. As a result, they reach the railway station with an amount that is not sufficient to buy the ticket.
Push-button cell phones are essential to homeless people and people in a difficult life situation in order to reconnect with their family, find job, know exact time etc.
Laptops in prisons help the convicted receive higher education online.

A bit of statistics: thus far, we handed 30 operational devices to non-commercial organizations and social initiatives: 9 to ‘Dedmorozim’, 6 to ‘Family Territory’, 3 to ‘In the Street’ initiative, and the rest to individual volunteers. All in all, we received 124 devices, most of which are expecting repair. If you can help repair the devices or are willing to donate your equipment, please write to Timofey (dbdubdb@gmail.com).